Managing our staffers

Providing a valuable workforce asset is a two-step process: first, hiring the right people, and secondly, managing them properly. HSS Hospitality Solutions achieves both. Through selective grass roots recruiting HSS Hospitality Solutions ensures you receive motivated, attentive personnel. To manage our greatest asset, HSS Hospitality Solutions assigns each hotel, resort, or casino we serve with a supervisor as that property’s point of contact. The supervisor recruits new talent, conducts new employee orientation, and functions as the day-to-day conduit between the property and HSS Hospitality Solutions.

HSS Hospitality Solutions supports our 125 Account Supervisors with 20 Area Managers/Directors and 6 Vice Presidents. This field infrastructure ensures attentive local service from the national leader.


At properties where HSS Hospitality Solutions provides complete outsourcing of the housekeeping department, our Corporate Director of Housekeeping oversees the department, ensuring we recruit, train, and staff room attendants appropriately to meet our clients’ needs.