HSS Hospitality Solutions

Core Values

Our Core Values serve as guiding principles for all employees.

1. Do what’s right.
2. Treat people with dignity and respect.
3. Do whatever it takes to deliver great service.
4. Never be satisfied.
5. Relentlessly pursue the best people.

Our Core Purpose

"To inspire loyalty through service passion"

Our Vision

Best Service, Best People, Best Practices

Our vision is to deliver the best service in the industry, with the best people, through best practices.  HSS Hospitality Solutions reinvents the industry by setting the standard for the highest service levels.  Our high performance, service oriented culture differentiates us from the competition.  We are the company customers want to partner with and people want to work for. 

HSS hires the best people, trains and develops them to perform well, and empowers them to deliver service passion.  Leadership strength shines through, from our front line managers to executives.  Our best practice systems and processes position us to grown exponentially and profitably.