HSS Hospitality Solutions

Compliance is not optional.
It's the law.

No professional staffing solution is complete unless it shields clients from trailing liability. This aspect of our business is of utmost importance to us, and paramount for you.

By processing our payroll through the national payroll-processing leader, HSS Hospitality Solutions ensures all employee taxes are paid and we utilize an electronic web-based I-9 program to ensure all associates are compliant. We cover liability through a multi-million dollar policy while managing all aspects of workers comp—from paying premiums, to training, to post accident recovery. To further shield you, HSS Hospitality Solutions performs complete background checks, and hires associates as employees rather than subcontractors.

Without these protections, you could be assessed for unpaid back taxes, fined for hiring undocumented workers, or ordered to pay workers comp claims.

HSS Hospitality Solutions hires the right people the right way to protect your reputation, as well as our own.